The SIS two-year master course revolves around three main axes: research, theory, methodology. Participants develop their own spatial practice and artistic position through these axes.

The core of the studio is led by tutors active in different fields and offering a strong support to individual projects and experimentations. Each tutor focuses on a specific topic such as Context, Content and Construction. Through these topics, the participants follow their own intuitions, experimenting with the tangible aspects of their work, the context they relate to, or the environments they produce.

The theory program offers a space for reflection directly linked to the studio practice. Theory seminars allow to experiment with critical thinking as a practice in its own right while Writing seminars promote the development of autonomous creative written works. Finally, Production seminars aim to push further the boundaries of material production and question artisanal and industrial construction processes.

In addition, the studio welcomes a monthly guest introducing his methodology and personal research through production workshop. The Methodology Weeks focus on field research and hands-on production. These immersive experimentations confront the participants with specific working and thoughts production methods.

Finally, the Graduation Studio, led by an independent curator, confronts the participant’s production to the exhibition context and question the relation between their artistic practice and the public realm.

The course is open to all students with a bachelor’s degree in Design, Interior, Architecture, Fine Arts, or other relevant fields that relate to space.