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As architects we work with material to construct our work. How we make things depends largely on the materials we produce for our constructions. How and in which sizes the wood is cut influences the way we make our window frames or a wooden floor, the steel profiles are at the base of our steel structures. If we openly looked again at the source of the material and its production we could see the gestures we recognise in them as the start of a renewed approach. These gestures could redefine ways of making and constructing: what are the gestures that give shape to the environments we inhabit? What is the correlation between material and craft? What places of production do we see now, in the past and in the future? For example, in the past when houses were made out of mud on which the houses stood, or the temples that were carved out of the mountains.

In a series of monthly seminars we start with a lecture to take one particular material as its point of departure. We look into the different scales these materials can be used and produced by visiting different places of production, artists and small workshops.

with Remco Siebring