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The objective of the course is to take a step away from the white cube and contextualise students’ projects. In order to do so, it will use references and practices borrowed from social sciences to explore the question of space. We will also collectively debate as to how to adapt them to creative disciplines. Using space as a main thread, the sessions will be geared to encourage students to root their project in a social world. But most importantly, it should help them engaging with the politics of designing space/in space. Debating how space can be the link between their work and the world, the course will approach questions such as who designs space? For who? For which purpose? And following which ideology?

This module aims at approaching students’ works in a critical and reflexive way with the hope to support them developing their practice and expanding their body of references. Each session will thus be essentially focused on tutoring student’s individual work. But it will nevertheless be initiated with a short lecture to put forward key concepts and references and frame each session. The second day together will comprise a collective moment of walking, exploring, reading, commenting on spaces in addition to individual tutoring.

with Marie-Avril Berthet