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“The narrative and data that makes inequality intelligible are made tangible through architecture.”
Jacob Moore & Susanne Schindler

Can the construction process of a space be the project in itself? And how can it influence the resulting architecture? The economy and the politics of construction shape our built environment. The craftsmanship and the technologies set the limit of our imagination. As space designer we think and plan the project ahead but are often too remote from the act of construction to fully grasp it. Engaging in this process and understanding its social implication is not only empowering, it is also a political positioning toward the development of our urban landscape. Reducing the critical distance separating the thoughts from the hand opens new horizons, requestioning the nature of city developments and chain of production. Acknowledging the power of planning tools and understanding their political usage, we will look into the unplanned and the immediate. We will plan, we will build, we will test and start again.

with Leopold Banchini